Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Clean the Microwave Fast #LazyParentsGuide

Welcome to the maiden post on The Lazy Parent's Guide to Life blog! I was actually cleaning the microwave tonight in a lazy manner and thinking about an ebook I wrote a long time ago that I am working on updating. I got a cover made for it and everything! And I realized maybe I should have a blog to go along with the book with extra tips to make our lives as parents (and grandparents) easier.

Okay, so all you have to do when your microwave gets nasty (I wish I had a BEFORE pic so badly) is take a wet sponge and lay it in the microwave (I take out the round tray first and wash it in the sink) for 30 seconds.

Open the microwave and carefully take out the sponge and you have a steam-cleaned microwave that only needs a dry towel to swipe out the gunk and you are done.

I wish I had tried this long ago ... it makes cleaning the microwave fast and kinda fun and it's something the kids can even do for you. And I am all about having the kids do things so (1) they can learn life skills (2) they can feel helpful (3) you can take a dang break every now and then to do something cool like write on your blog or read a page of a book for a change.

Here's the book I'm working on to go with the blog!

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